Vikings Across Africa

                                              PLANNED ROUTE

This is the planed route but there will surly be detours and changes of route along the way.


First we will set off from Reykjavik and take a couple of days driving to the east of Iceland. We spend the night in 3  different small villages on the way,and get to check out some local waterfalls and also the famous glacier lagoon . Then we take the ferry to  the Faro Islands, were we will only get 1 day because of the weekly ferry schedule , after we will take the ferry to the north of Denmark,

We will drive south and stay  the first night in Europe in a medieval  Danish/German border town. We will then continue south throw Germany and France staying a couple of nights in each ,then on to Malaga, in the south of Spain for a few days. Malaga is also our main pick up point for people who dont want to take the Europe part of the trip and also the point were we pick up our last supplys for Africa

We will have a day trip to Gibraltar, from Malaga. then the next day, we will set off on the ferry to Morocco, our first steps into AFRICA. Our journey through Europe should only take a couple of weeks as its still winter and not the best weather.



Morocco, we will visit the historic citys of Fez and Marrakesh, we will spend some time in Rabat  which is the capital in so that we can pick up visas for some of the next country's. There is also a daytrip planed to go to Casablanca In the south we will visit  Todra gouge and TanTan which is the  beginning of the sahara desert and the first town of " Western Sahara "



Mauritania,  to reach this country we will need to cross the Western Sahara, to arrive in one of the most unusual and  very Muslim country's you are ever likely to visit,with vast deserts Berber's and Moors and until a few years ago slavery ( it was officially banned but is still common in some form)


 Mali,After crossing the vast deserts of the Sahara this will be our first arrival into Black Africa,welcomed across the border with cold beers and colourful,lively music,then we will go onto the Dogon country, this will be a place were the group can take a  hike for between 3 days and a week, sleeping in local huts in this mystical area, were the people still to this day worship the unseen Dog Star your guide will make sure that this will be a real highlight of your trip.

                    ( this hike will depend on the current security situation)  

In Mali, we will be staying in   for a few days, this is one of the few western run hotels/hostel in west Africa and is a good spot to find current information and to knock back a few beers.


 Burkina Faso, this true Africa nation, formally called Upper Volta because of the powerful river that runs throw the county. We will be stopping in the capital for a few days, here we will have time to gather a few more visas for the trip ahead.


 Ghana-Togo these  nations will be our first opportunity in a long time to enjoy the beach life,sitting on as many beaches for as long as possible,this will be our first time to be able to truly relax ,we should be staying here on the beach with other overlanders in the English lady owned                               BIG MILLYS BACKYARD here we will have the chance to see how the local drums are made,and even take a few lessons or take a trip with the local fishermen to see how a working-day is for them, as well as lots of beach volleyball/football.




Benin, a country still heavily influenced by Voodoo and witchcraft, here we can see ceremony's that have not changed for thousands of years and visit the world famous fetish market,then on to the border area were we will visit the stilted Villages that are actual in the middle of a lake.

Nigeria, We stock up our supplies at Cotonou before crossing into Nigeria, a country rich in oil and the most populated of Africa's countries with over 100 million inhabitants. We escape the crowds for Yankari Game Reserve & Wikki Warm Springs. The crystal, clear, warm water comes out of a hole at the bottom of a cliff, opening out into a 200 metre by 10-metre pool. The perfect way to enjoy this is by spending the evening hours, refreshments in hand, relaxing in the natural mineral water.



Cameroon, We plan to take a  good long break of a week or 2 on the beaches of southern Cameroon, near limbi camping on the volcanic black beaches and visiting the gorilla rehabilitation centre,Then taking a day trip to visit a local Pygmy village,before crossing the border into Gabon , there we shall visit the National park in the east that has wild elephants and onto the dirt roads of Congo.



Driving through bamboo forest tunnels we make our way to Brazzaville the capital of Congo which sits on the Congo river....this is our last relaxation stop before we have a good week or 2 of very remote and bad roads to the border crossing to DRC,. This will most likely be the most remote spot on earth that you will ever visit.  This is were we will take a ferry across the Congo river and after another couple of days of  more bad roads we reach the Angola border   




 Angola,This country  only opened up to tourism in 2004, it is one of the largest and least visited countries in Africa.. The people are friendly and the views astounding. Driving along the red mud roads we reach the coast and the capital Luanda, its very Portuguese in its buildings and Brazilian in its beach attire with a line of beach bars and restaurants in the bay. We follow the coast passing lots of waterfalls on the way to Lubango town 2000 meters high on a plateau. It is home to the third of the great statues of Jesus; the others being in Rio and Lisbon.

 (Possible detour, because currently Angola is becoming more difficult to arrange the visa ,there is a chance that we will be driving the Kinshasa-Lubumbashi road in D.R. Congo and then onto Zambia were we will then cross back to Namibia)

We cross in Namibia and stop in Etosha National Park which covers 23,000sq km of Mopane and Acacia woodland and scrub-land,  centered by a huge saltpan stretching for 130km. This is the park were we are  almost guaranteed  to see all of the wildlife you can think off..... Lions,Rhinos,Elephants,Giraffes,Zebras,Cheaters, and because this is the Namibian dry season most of the animals will be just waiting at the watering holes and very very easy to spot.  



The capital of Namibia is Windhoek this will be the first really westernised city we  will have visited since leaving Europe, we will be able to use cash machines buy pizzas and visit shopping malls, these things may seem like such small things but with almost 6 months without them you will truly appreciate them once again. We will then go to visit the Skeleton coast , one of the dry-est places on earth were there are numerous ships wrecked on the beaches to explore. Also we will spend the day at a Namibian ghost, that was abandoned many years ago and has been reclaimed by the desert .



South Africa,the end of our Expedition, we shall drive south via wine country,onto Capetown truly from 66 North to 33 South, A trip of a we must end our journey together, but not without a quick side tour to the very southern point of Africa near by.




Our courier will help you find flights back to Europe or help organize onward travel (time at last to use that creditcard ).